Deerpark Montessori School.
St. Mary's Parish Hall, Howth,
Co. Dublin.
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Children are offered opportunities to develop their social behavioural skills, being taught the importance of taking turns, being polite and learning to share with each other.

Limits are set and rules are enforced through play and games to help the children learn and understand their boundaries.

Behaviour falling short of expectations by a child (eg: bullying, temper tantrums etc) is dealt with by removing the child from the situation, explaining to them why their behaviour is not acceptable and if deemed necessary the child is given a very short “time out”.






  As both Myself (Louise) and Rebecca have been entrusted with the care, education and well being of your child we take this responsibility very seriously and take pride in the service we provide.


 Please feel free to discuss Deerpark Montessori’s inspection process at any time and the most recent Tusla inspection report is available to anyone who may wish to view it.


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Our minister for children and youth affairs has recently introduced the new "Affordable Childcare Scheme", the comprehensive new scheme of financial support for families towards the cost of their childcare. This scheme will be available for children between the ages of 6 months and 36 months in Tusla registered childcare centres from September 2017.

Deerpark Montessori is delighted to inform parents that we have registered to take part in this scheme.

More information on the "Affordable Childcare Scheme" may be found by logging onto